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We are a 501 (c)(3) organization devoted to fostering community development and human behavior in rural environments so that people can provide a living for their families in their time + space.

Our aim is simple:  To give a sense of belonging regardless of distance, race, class, gender, borders. Because beyond diversity, there is humanity. 

Powerful Partnerships 

We partner with international communities, people, and organizations that believe in our mission and are willing to make a direct impact on the ground and from afar. We consult with our partners on ideas, build relationships with them, and encourage them to connect with the community members to deepen authenticity in development. We are heavily focused not on the monetary contributions but also the human-to-human connections that come into play.

Community Outreach

We meet on the ground to ensure a willingness and openness to participate in development support. We listen to their needs, heed their concerns and work together to develop impact driven projects that nurture. We encourage interactions and cultural exchanges to build relationships and drive possibility.  

Impactful Implementation 

We work with our partners in contributing resources, food security and experiences that motivate community members to foster a sense of ability and build out projects that come full circle with children attending school five days a week. 

Evaluate and Monitor 

We monitor and evaluate our projects every step of the way with in-depth site visits. We are regularly chatting with the communities and provide our partners with constant communication in the form of newsletters, videos, and social outreach. We are devoted to fostering intimate human connections between our partners and community members.  





We approach change through social and emotional interactions that connect us to our being. We listen to individual needs and provide mindful practices that engage people to build solutions and create the change that works for them.


Through co-giving experiences, we are immersed in diverse perspectives that unlock our desire to belong. We encourage intimate engagement that stimulates emotion while assisting in fundamental practices that fuel exposure to our potential. 

There is an art in where people gather and how they gather. ​


We are devoted to transforming thoughts into words while sharing experiences that empower others along the way. Together, we share a safe space to exchange ideas and perspectives that create social change with empathy as a top priority. While moving on the ground, we also unlock the opportunity for people to engage in the universal message of love.  That is, to write a love letter to a stranger and activate the light. 

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