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All of our projects are based on the community members desire.

We are not changing the way people live nor are we solving world solutions in their entirety. We are devoted to working on community projects that foster emotional stimulation through social experiences and human interaction as an act of belonging.

We are devoted to being. 


BASURA papelhumano, Active

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

With a combination of emotional and community sustainable development, this project is designed to tap into our collective capacities.

Space Matters. 

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Agroforestry Collective, 2021

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

With the help from engaged donors and Finca Esperanza's land donation, we attempted at a Ginger Collective that provides to support alternatives for local community members with a cash crop. Ginger does not only provide health benefits but also has the ability to provide an alternative income for people living off-grid in Nicaragua in the jungle. Through this project, worked with partners to provide education with the project leaders, agriculture trainings, and allow the opportunity to close the cycle to extreme poverty for many community members. During 2021, this was our trial project for future Agroforestry developments and learned a lot. After facing many problems together with community, we are transitioning through ups and downs of environmental and community transformation. 


Social Emotional Education Training, 2020

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

When we finished the school restoration at Cangrejo in May of 2019, there were eight kids of different ages enroled at the little community school, which hosts only one big classroom. It has been with great joy that we learned that for the new school year 2020, sixteen kids finally chose to attend school. While this has been an incredibly satisfying result in such a short period of time, it also lead to some difficulties in terms of  space organization since the age range varies from three to twelve. 

A group of dedicated professors from New York, USA, has joined Maysea's endeavours in creating a well-organized and most adaptable classroom setting so that Marcela, currently the only teacher at the school, can split up the lessons in an efficient manner for all kids involved. 


ComemosTogether, Upcoming 2021

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

There's this thing about comfort brightens our days when we are sad, it warms us up when our heart is weak. What we have come to learn by assisting various communities in the world, is that sharing a meal can be compared to having a diplomatic encounter where distances suddenly fade away and one of the most basic human needs is fulfilled: having a happy belly! 

During our trips to Cangrejo, eating has always been a main part of our gatherings and the community ladies often start preparing their delicacies long before we arrive. In 2020 we had the chance to come closer to the whole process, to see how they get their groceries (picking them from a tree, mostly), in which conditions they prepare the meals and what little secrets the housewifes of Cangrejo can share. Food plays a crucial role in our lives and we believe that sharing the whole process of preparing it as different human beings can only lead to one outcome: understanding, sharing and enjoying. 

Buen provecho!


Land for Love, Ongoing

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

In most rural communities, it is common that land has been past down through generations and is not legalized to the government. So, we work to help communities go through the steps of legalizing their land so that they can they use it for farming.  We then partner with local agricultural organizations to go into communities and help the community use their land for good. We are the centralized hub to help communities optimize the potential of using their land to create opportunity in the local community. 


Water Wellness, Ongoing

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

Clean water is a necessity at the core of our existence. Most communities have wells built however do not have the resources to provide on-going sanitation. Therefore, we're not just about funding new wells, we're taking care of the ones we've already built by providing what the resources to make sure it is taken care of. We work on the ground with the community leaders to make sure they are educated with how to keep it clean and the finding the best possible ways to make it functional. This is how we ensure that our water projects continue to provide clean water to communities long after they are installed. 


Happy Human Program, Ongoing

Goli, Nebbi, Uganda 

Our direct child sponsorship programs are designed to foster human connection and relationships regardless of distance. We are highly focused on the emotional connection that is built with monetary donations. So, we encourage activities that engage both side of the spectrum to be involved in the world of giving. Unlike most organizations focused on delivering money, we are trying to conserve humanity through our donations. We believe that it is important for the community and the children to know where their money is coming from. 


School Restoration, 2019

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

Majority of the time, families struggle to afford materials needed for school and teachers are often not equipped with the necessary materials. In Nicaragua, in order to continue education, children must travel to San Juan del Sur and leave their families which is an impossibility for many families. This project is designed to enhance existing schools with major infrastructure upgrades, teaching materials, and the supplies needed to continue education growth. Often times, the teacher is not receiving the resources needed to  excel children's education so we provide the resources needed to do so.  So, we purchase the supplies locally and work with the local education board to make sure that we are following guidelines. Our school restoration projects have showed us that by rejuvenating the schools comes a significant increase in student attendance and teacher drive to continue educational growth. 


Love Letters -Pen Pal Program, Ongoing


The MAYSEA Movement is hyper-focused on bringing power into the play of words. As part of our timeless giving measures, several times a year we collect friendly love letters from communities across the US, Canada, and Europe which are sent in bulk to remote villages and developing communities in sub-saharan to stimulate emotional connection to humans beyond borders. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 10.30.23

Unified with Uniforms, 2019

Goli, Nebbi, Uganda

School Uniforms give children a sense of belonging. In Goli Nebbi, Uganda, the kids wear uniforms to foster a strong sense of community, belonging, family, and responsibility. Most families can not afford to purchase uniforms for their children to go to school. So, we work with sponsors to assist in monetary donations that allow children to feel a sense of belonging while attending school.  Each year, as the kids are growing, new uniforms are needed. It costs $45 for one child to have three new uniforms for the entire year school year. Pending the conditions at the end of the year, they are passed on to the younger kids and recycled once they are outgrown. Uniforms show that you are part of a community. Wearing it says we’re all in this together. coming together is the heart of what we are up to at The MAYSEA Movement. 




Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

Buried deep in the jungle, Cangrejo is a small village about an hour southeast of San Juan del Sur. It is a village surrounded by overflowing rivers, howler monkeys, two-toed sloths, exotic birds and welcoming families. The village itself is a real look at the Nicaraguan country life. Due to rainy season, at some points in the year,  it is too difficult to get here by car and you must travel by horse. 

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