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Our humanity is bound together.

We are an organization enhancing human behavior based directly off of experiences.

We are maintaining a neutrality with no judgement, discovering patterns in environments lacking societal frameworks and creating an equilibrium between cultural clashes.  We are creating empirical anthropologic explorations to develop models of what it means to tap into the rawness of human existence regardless of diversity and belongings. We are finding the frequency to fine tune human abilities and adaptability regardless of background. 

This is only possible by taking small steps to study, acknowledge, and accept time + changes. As work is done on a human level, time is a necessity. Our foundation is timeless to maintain a human-centered approach. 

At MAYSEA Movement, we are finding the same language of speaking in the form of gathering and through social emotional projects, detaching from the mental and unlocking emotional energies. We are delivering local ways in a natural manner. We ask, acknowledge the needs, and find solutions based on values. 

Our goal is that we are able to build a sustainable community to that community members living in rural areas have the opportunity to provide a living in nature to their families. 


We are doing this so that people, regardless of geography, language, race, age, class or gender, feel empowered to fulfill their potential.

When we give, we give together. 

We believe that sustainable change happens when an internal passion and capacity is aligned with our hunger to be in our human. 


Nicaragua remains one of the most underdeveloped countries in Latin America. Children in rural jungle areas are traveling about 2 hours by foot through the jungle to get educated. Many times, parents do not allow their children to travel to school because it is too dangerous. 


The aim is to help bring together humans of diverse cultures to work on community development projects in rural areas which in turn should allow children to learn and parents to work in the surrounding areas. Therefore, parents and children can travel to school and work together. 


Acting together as one brings higher confidence, lessened anxiety, measurable improvements, significant display of executive function and increased attachment to growth. 

Research shows that social emotional learning significantly helps to foster mindsets, skills, and confidence within humans to manage emotions,

make good decisions, build healthy relationships, and feel empowered for success. 

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