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A Vitality Farm : The Ginger Collective for Alternative Living 

Cangrejo Village, Nicaragua

With a big thanks for Finca Esperanza for their land donation of 5 manzanas, we are able to push this project forward for the community members living in off-grid rural communities in the south of Nicaragua. 


While spending the last three years on the ground with these rural jungle communities, we have asked the community and recognized the needs to enhance daily living patterns for families. With that said, we have started a Ginger Collective for 15 farmers on 5  manzanas (acres) of land in the rural jungle community of Cangrejo Village. The idea is that this will increase their family household income by more than 40% with certified organic ginger seed. 
In order to start this farm, we are trying to raise $5,000 for the cost of trainings, natural agro-forestry education, land, tools, and seeds for farmers. During year one, the farmers will be able to harvest 3 bags for every one bag of ginger planted this year which will then be re-harvested for next year for future crops. After spending many moons in the community over the course of 5 years, the goal of this project is to help members of the rural jungle communities living completely off-grid to have an opportunity to utilize their land and space to provide for their families. Ginger also serves to have many health benefits that, hopefully, will help enhance natural healing remedies within the community.  With a collaboration of Doselva S.A Social Enterprise and partnership Finca Esperanza, we are thankful to make this Ginger Collective happen for smallholder farmers in the Southern rural community in Nicaragua. 

Community development is a strong backbone for promoting socio-economic growth around the globe.


With this, we have understood that our investment in working with developing communities is ultimately an investment of many challenges and cultural barriers. These last weeks it was far beyond humbled to see 15 farmers come together to clean the land in preparation for planting and on-going care.

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