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More being, more belonging. 

At MAYSEA Movement, we gather to
create social emotional experiences
that diversify our sense of belonging
within ourselves and with others. 

We provide education that empowers women and children living in marginalized rural off-grid communities to utilize waste & natural resources as a source of opportunity. With this, we are enhancing social transformation, assisting to meet basic needs and crafting innovative ways to break cycles of extreme low development all while fortifying local identity for communities to be able to help themselves. 



Our story has always been a story of Community.

A story of Time.

A story of Resilience.

The United Nations recognizes education as an effective vehicle for social mobility, yet education is only widely accessible to families with a stable stream of income. Our programs support access for the current and next generations within rural off-grid communities to have the tools.

Nicaragua, one of the hemisphere's poorest countries, faces low per capita income, widespread underemployment, and a heavy external debt burden.

Distribution is one of the most unequal on the globe.

Community development is a strong backbone for promoting socio-economic growth. With this, we have understood that our investment in working with developing communities is ultimately an investment of many challenges and cultural barriers.

However, the devotion to the land from community members within off-grid communities has sparked a chain reaction. As we spend more time, we uncover and develop practices that equate to the rising of sustainable living measures. We passionately stand by this because humans who possess skills are typically those able to generate income to support their children’s education, food, and healthcare.

And this is something all humans should have access to.

We continue to stay focused on restoring a human pace of growth with anthropological research, symbolic anatomy, emotional immersion, and cultural blueprints.

If our humanity is to have any chance of tackling challenges, 

we have to work together to uplift our ability to be.

When we come together, the possibilities for growth are infinite.

Our goal is not to change the world. 

Our goal is to gather. 

To come together. 

To unleash our being. 

To learn from each other. 

To all develop and grow.

Our goal is the raise the level of empathy with other humans. 

We blend social, emotional and community engagement into practices that allow people from all

backgrounds to express their full potential all while building a foundation of opportunity.

Currently, we do this in the rural jungle communities of Nicaragua. 


Intentional gathering spaces are at the route of belonging.

It is the physical container for relationships to form and deepen.

There is nothing more genuinely powerful then coming together to share

minimalist belongings and still know that the we belong. 

A simple concept: we develop innovative spaces within rural off-grid communities to create opportunities that empower people in rural areas to provide for their families, in their time + space - we encourage nature and humans to work together.  


A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to immersing cultures and the providing resources

needed to fuel human potential and community development.

We are a community for communities. 



Ongoing  projects related to cultural agroforestry to support  to  support marginalized communities with opportunity 

MM enraizado LOGO III.png



Handmade paper out of trash and recycled resources from the community



Humans all over the world are fighting for change.

Through local partnerships, we build expressive project experiences designed to harness the influence of society and our ability of being human with other humans regardless of culture and background. 

We give time through hands-on experiences.

We provide resources for community development projects in the rural communities.

We host social emotional activation projects across borders (i.e. Love Letters to Strangers)

Why? Because unleashing our ability to be might just have a lasting effect on another human.  

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